Canada Swears in Pro-Abortion Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new prime minister, has been sworn into office.

His election brings an end to a 10-year conservative rule in Canada.

The 43-year-old is the son of former Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau.

Pro-life advocate John Henry-Weston told CBN News his appointment creates a chance to revive his father’s liberal agenda  — particularly on abortion.

“Justin has been totally upfront about being so wholly pro-abortion its not even funny,” Henry-Weston explains. “In fact, before the election he said none of the candidates in his party could support life. In fact, they would all be required to vote pro-abortion.”

Henry-Weston says Trudeau is ideologically driven towards abortion.

“He was even talking about coersing the members who were already elected,” he said.

Canada’s pro-life leaders say they will have to take the fight to the political arena “like never before” to protect life.


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